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A list of useful resources has been collated on this page to aid professionals working directly with children, young people and their families. Some information on this page is already featured on the Local Offer website. Direct links have been applied to help you locate this information quickly. Some information on this page is hosted externally and as such, links will direct you to external websites.

If there are other resources you regularly access or use, and you feel that adding them to this page would assist you and other professionals, please let us know by emailing:

Useful Resources

Apply for an assessment

Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) Forms
Find examples and all sections of the Education, Health and Care Plan Forms for completion.

EHCP Statutory Annual Reviews
Find documents and forms for the statutory process of looking at the needs and provision specified in an EHC Plan, and deciding whether these need to change.

Inclusion Panel Referral Form
Inclusion Panel Information Sheet
FAQ's Inclusion Panel
Inclusion Panel Referral Form Guidance
Inclusion Panel is a mechanism for Derbyshire schools to access additional funding to support the inclusion of children and young people with additional needs.

Early Years

Referral for a Derbyshire specialist support service for children in the foundation stage
To refer to the EYSEN specialist teaching service or Derbyshire portage service.

Early Years SEN Inclusion Fund
Find information and forms relating to the Early Years Inclusion Fund.

Early Years SEN Panel Referral Form
If you are an NHS professional who'd like to bring a child with suspected SEN to our attention, please complete the Section 1 Notification of the EYSEN Panel referral form. For Early Years Providers to refer a child to Derbyshire County Council support services, please also complete Section 2.

EYFS Celebratory Checkpoints
Find information and forms relating to the Early Years Celebratory Checkpoints.

Early Years Graduated Response April 2023
Find information about the provision for young children requiring support from within educational settings without the necessity for an EHCP.

Early Years Descriptors of Special Educational Needs Provision
Find information about the importance of Quality First Teaching and the responsibility of all practitioners to use their best endeavours to meet the needs of all children.

Education and Learning

Due to the forthcoming restructure of the Inclusion Support Services, we are pausing referrals for Autism Outreach, the Behaviour Support Service and SSSEN for a short time. Forms marked with (PAUSED) have temporarily been removed. If you are seeking support for a child in your school who is at serious risk of exclusion, who is not already on our caseload, please contact: for Autism Outreach, for Behaviour Support Service, and for the SSSEN.

(PAUSED) Derbyshire Autism Outreach Referral Form
(PAUSED) Derbyshire Autism Outreach RESUME Referral Form
Find forms for schools to refer students to the Derbyshire Autism Outreach service.

(PAUSED) Derbyshire Behaviour Support Service Referral Form
(PAUSED) Derbyshire Behaviour Support Service RESUME Referral Form
Find forms for schools to refer students to the Derbyshire Behaviour Support service.

(PAUSED) SSSEN Service Referral Form
Find Information and forms relating to referring a child to Derbyshire SSSEN Service.

Derbyshire Graduated Response May 2022
This document makes explicit the provision for children and young people requiring support from within educational settings without the necessity for an EHCP.

Derbyshire Positive Play Support Service Referral Form
Find forms for schools to refer students to the Derbyshire Positive Play Support Service.

Autism Education Trust
Gain understanding of autism and learn evidence-based strategies to support your pupils. The Autism Education Trust Programme offers face-to-face and virtual training, and practical resources to support education professionals in mainstream and special settings.

Sensory and Physical Support Service (SPSS) - RF1 d/Deaf & Hearing Impairment Referral Form
Sensory and Physical Support Service (SPSS) - RF1 Physical Impairment Referral Form
Sensory and Physical Support Service (SPSS) - Vision Impairment Referral Form

For schools & settings to make a referral to the Sensory and Physical Support Service.

Derbyshire Supporting Children with Medical Needs
Find information and forms for making arrangements for supporting pupils with medical conditions.

Derbyshire County Council Sensory Processing Needs Toolkit
A guide and forms for schools, settings and practitioners on how to support children with sensory needs, in order to remove or reduce the impact of this on their learning.

My SEND Learning Programme
Describe in one document a child's views, health needs, social care needs, outcomes, provision and more.

Alternative Provision Directory
Find a variety of organisations that offer alternative provision to children and providers in Derbyshire to support a variety of ages and needs.

Derbyshire Services for Schools - Education Improvement Service - Early Years Team
All early years providers including schools who are funded by the local authority to deliver early education places must have regard to the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. Every child deserves a high-quality early education. The benefits can be seen throughout early childhood itself and also later in their schooling. A high-quality early education is particularly beneficial for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and for children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND). The Education Improvement Service - Early Years Team promote effective and high-quality teaching and learning through signposting and providing information, advice and training, thereby enabling inclusive practice, and safeguarding of all children.

Derbyshire County Council - Education Improvement Service
The children's services Education Improvement Service provides school-based guidance on all areas of school improvement, teaching, learning and leadership. The majority of children and young people with special educational needs are educated in our mainstream schools. The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Code of Practice emphasises that ‘Special educational provision is underpinned by high quality teaching and is compromised by anything less.’ (DfE, 2015, Pg.25) and that ‘High quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to pupils who have or may have SEN. Additional intervention and support cannot compensate for a lack of good quality teaching’ (DfE, 2015, Pg. 99). The Education Improvement Service supports inclusion through the promotion of high quality, adaptive teaching and support for the leadership in evidencing effective SEND provision. This is part of the universal offer to support the implementation of the graduated response, this includes sharing information at Headteacher meetings or resources such as ‘SEND on a page’. In addition, school-based consultancy and a range of training events are delivered throughout the academic year. 

Preparing for adulthood

Preparing for Adulthood Pathway
Find information helping children and young people to prepare for adulthood. It sets out how services should work together to support young people with special educational needs and disabilities to prepare for adult life.

Preparing for Adulthood Toolkit
Find all tools and resources from the National Development Team for inclusion (NDTi).


Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership
Provides a range of information resources on topics such as safeguarding disabled children, early help, domestic abuse and more. It also provides a range of policies and procedures with key local guidance.

Starting Point
To request early help services for Derbyshire children and young people.
If you are concerned that a child is suffering or is at risk of significant harm, please contact Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190 immediately.