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Information for parents

The Celebratory Checkpoints have been devised by Derbyshire Early Years SEN team for use with young children who have significant barriers to learning. Through the Celebratory Checkpoints, it is hoped the progress of all children can be celebrated.

Your child's setting may be using the Celebratory Checkpoints to help them track and celebrate your child's progress more closely than the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) developmental checkpoints enables them to.

Information for EY Practitioners

Detailed information is given in the guidance for use document in the related documents section of this page. Use of the EYFS Celebratory Checkpoints will support your targeted level of graduated response to children's needs. Training about how to use the Celebratory Checkpoints with children, and also to support applications for Early Years Inclusion Fund (EYIF), and service referrals is available regularly. Book on via the Derbyshire EYSEN Service Eventbrite page or through Derbyshire Services4Schools.

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