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Health professionals must formally notify us if they identify a child under compulsory school age (0-5yrs) who they think has or probably has a special educational need (SEN) or disability in line with Section 23 of the Children and Families Act 2014.

How do I notify the LA?

If you are a professional who'd like to bring a child with suspected SEN to our attention, please complete the Section 1 Notification of the EYSEN Panel referral form attached to this page.

How do I send my notification?

Once you've completed your notification send it to:

Business Services Assistant to Early Years SEN Panel Special Educational Needs Section Children's Services
County Hall
Derbyshire DE4 3AG
Telephone: 01629 536782 or 01629 536532

If you need to discuss your notification or have any queries, contact us via

What happens next?

Notification to the local authority of a child 0-5yrs with SEND: section 1 is to be used for the sole purpose of the NHS fulfilling its legal obligation to notify the local authority of a child 0-5yrs with SEND.

This notification will result in the child’s details being added to the council’s children's services database.

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