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Section 100 of the Children and Families Act 2014 places a legal duty on schools, academies, and pupil referral units to make arrangements for supporting pupils with medical conditions.

UK statutory guidance Supporting pupils with medical conditions at school details the support schools should give to pupils.

NHS colleagues and the Derbyshire County Council Learning Access and Inclusion service have collaborated to produce Derbyshire Supporting Children with Medical Needs guidance, which is attached to this page.

Department for Education have prepared templates as an aid to schools and their use is entirely voluntary. Schools are free to adapt them as they wish to meet local needs, to design their own templates, or to use templates from another source.

Template A: individual healthcare plan
Template B: parental agreement for setting to administer medicine
Template C: record of medicine administered to an individual child
Template D: record of medicine administered to all children
Template E: staff training record – administration of medicines
Template F: contacting emergency services
Template G: model letter inviting parents to contribute to individual healthcare plan development

Department for Education have also provided a list of associated resources and organisations.

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