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If your child, or you as a young person, has been identified as needing additional support then this section will provide you with all the information, support and guidance to apply for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

You will find all the different templates and supporting information to help you complete an assessment, but Derbyshire Information and Support Service (DIASS) is here to support you should you need any help, or you can contact your local SEND Officer or locality.

To learn more, please visit the following links which include Youtube Videos and Podcasts created to help you.

What is an EHCP and who is it for?
What is an annual review of an EHCP?
What is an IAS Service?
Person Centred Planning
Our Turn To Talk Youth-Led Podcast - Understanding Education Health Care Plans

What if I disagree with the decision?

You have a right to appeal if you disagree with the local authority's decision of whether you or your child has an EHC assessment or plan, or the contents of that plan. Contact your SEND locality office to speak to a SEND officer.

You will be involved within the EHC plan process so you can raise issues at any point. If you and the local authority still can't agree, the decision letter will describe how you can appeal against the decision, and will provide contact details of the mediation service and Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST).

If you are not happy about the process, then you will also find details on how to complain, but SENDIST will also detail the process to apply for a tribunal. This is an independent body that listens to parents' and carers' appeals against local authority decisions on statutory assessments.

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