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Transition involves the many changes that occur as a young person moves through their teenage years and into adult life.

These changes may include the transition from school to college, college to adult life and include thinking about and planning for employment, housing, good health and accessing things in the community.

Schools, colleges, health and social care should work together to support young people with special educational needs and disabilities to prepare for adult life.

Discussion about long term goals needs to start early, well before year 9 at school when young people are aged 13 to 14 years old.

From year 9 or earlier, professionals across education, health and care should focus support for children and young people with SEND on ordinary life outcomes such as paid employment, independent living, community participation and being as healthy as possible. The support should focus on enabling a young person to form realistic views about their future aspirations, interests and needs.

We aim to support young people to prepare for adulthood by preparing them for:

  • higher education or employment
  • independent living
  • participating in society
  • being as healthy as possible

Derbyshire County Council are committed to removing barriers for young people with disabilities, and supporting successful progression into adulthood.

We are proud to embrace the national Preparation for Adulthood programme and work towards the outcomes that young people say are important to them.


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