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For children and young people with a disability, when we talk about preparing for adulthood, it means the ‘transition' from being a teenager to being an adult, at which point the young person may also move on from using children’s services to adult services.

In this section you will be able to find more out about our services, the support you can receive and also housing.  

Shared Lives Derbyshire

Shared Lives can support you if you are an older person, have a physical or learning disability or mental health problems.

With support from a Shared Lives carer, you could meet friends, volunteer, find paid work or join a local group or activity.

It can also support you if you are a young vulnerable adult who is leaving children's support services.

Shared Lives can:

  • provide support and accommodation to enable people to move from their family carers to live with a shared lives carer
  • offer an alternative to day care, residential or nursing care
  • provide family carers with a regular break from caring
  • help people to maintain and develop their independence and life skills
  • provide support to a family and offer reassurance that the person they care for is looked after

For more information, contact the Shared Lives team email:  or telephone: 01629 533769.

Getting out and about

Being involved with your local community or just getting out of the house to enjoy your favourite activity or to go shopping are all important aspects of healthy living. More information on getting out and about can be found here.

You may also find the Preparing for Adulthood website useful.

Community Connectors

Community connectors are a team of experienced and highly trained staff who can assist people with a learning disability and/or autism to access opportunities in their local community. The connectors can work alongside people to gain sustainable activities within their local communities and provide opportunities to develop skills and interests, take part in activities happening locally, build relationships and experience new things.