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Getting involved

Active Derbyshire is part of Active Partners Trust, a charitable trust working to provide inclusive activities, sports and clubs throughout the region.

National Citizenship Service helps young people to develop life skills, help the community and seek out adventure. 

Derbyshire Youth Forums - District youth forums meet 6 times a year and are open to anyone aged from 11 to 19. The meetings are designed so that you can go along and chat about anything that's happening in your area that you're not happy with or have an idea on how to improve things.

You might want to go to a youth forum if you:

  • want to chat to your local youth councillor
  • want to find out what's going on in your local area and what decisions are being made
  • have an idea for making something better in your town or village
  • feel strongly about something, for example a bus service that's stopped running or a play area that has been vandalised
  • haven't got anything to say but would like to listen to people's ideas 

Getting around

Information about travel and transport