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Supporting schools with social and emotional health and wellbeing to increase inclusion

Within the Behaviour Support Service, there are 3 specialist teams:

  • Behaviour Support Teachers
  • Nurture
  • Positive Play

The Behaviour Support Service comprises a team of specialist teachers and trained staff with extensive skills and experience of working in Derbyshire schools and academies to promote inclusion, positive behaviour and emotional wellbeing.

We work with schools and staff to promote resilient school environments where the SEMH needs of the whole school community are no longer a barrier to learning and inclusion.

We are a referral-based service offering consultation, advice and support to schools, as part of the graduated response to identify, assess and meet the underlying SEMH and behavioural needs of children and young people. We deliver training to support the development of practice across staff and settings.

Our aim is to improve outcomes for learning, social and emotional well-being and build the capacity within schools to promote positive behaviour, increase inclusion and reduce exclusion.


  • Our flexible and responsive approach enables targeted support to be provided early in a child / young person's life or at the onset of difficulties in order for the child / young person to remain engaged with learning.
  • Increased understanding of behaviour and SEMH needs.
  • Support with the development of strategies and delivery of interventions to improve social and emotional learning and manage challenging behaviour.
  • We build close relationships with school, child / young person and family to foster positive relationships and ensure consistency of approach.
  • Partnership working with other services.
  • Increased capacity and confidence within schools.
  • Access to a qualified team of trainers.

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