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We collect and track information about children who are out of school for any reason, and provide information and support where required. We also have a duty to ensure that education is in place for some children when they are unable to attend school under Section 19 of the Education Act 1996.

Attendance & Missing Education

  • School attendance
  • Children missing from education
  • Children in employment, entertainment & sport
  • Part-time timetables
  • Exclusion from schools
  • Fair Access Protocols

Elective Home Education (EHE)

  • Families considering home education
  • Families who have been educating their child at home but are thinking of returning them to a school
  • Elective home education looking for advice and support
  • Schools seeking advice about EHE

Temporary Education Support

Out of School Tuition (OOST) and Tailor Made Programmes (TMP)

  • School referrals for pupils unable to attend school due to medical reasons
  • Referrals for pupils out of school for other reasons
  • Reintegration and transition support for pupils who have been out of school, or who are moving to a new setting

Permanent Exclusions from School

We commission Esteem Multi Academy Trust to make education provision for pupils who are permanently excluded from school.


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