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The law says children must receive an efficient full-time education from the age of 5, suitable to their age, ability, aptitude and any special educational needs they may have. Education is compulsory, but school is not.

Most parents send their children to school, but some parents choose to take on full responsibility and educate at home, which is called Elective Home Education (EHE).

Parents may be thinking of EHE for a variety of reasons. The EHE service would always suggest you keep in mind whether you can offer an education to meet your child's specific needs - that is why we recommend parents try to resolve any concerns with a school before beginning EHE simply as a response. If your child becomes home educated, they cannot remain on a school register.

Deciding to educate children at home requires your own resources as well as enthusiasm, commitment and patience. It can be rewarding and challenging and your provision, as parents, need to meet your legal duty.

Please remember that if you choose to take on the responsibility for your child's education, you will be responsible for the cost of their education. This includes payment for examinations such as GCSEs.

Advice and support

EHE suggest you contact the team before making your final decision to home educate. They will offer impartial guidance and let you know of other help for your family before any decision needs to be made. Please note:

  • If your child has never been registered at a school, you do not need to let anyone know about a decision to home educate. However, it could help you if you let us know, and help us check the current position about children not in school.
  • EHE are here to answer questions before a firm decision is made to home educate.
  • A positive relationship with EHE families is important to us - this supports a better understanding about parents' education provision.
  • EHE will contact you as soon as possible after school notifies us that your child has been removed from school roll to home education.
  • Each home educated child will have a named advisor from the EHE service. They will contact you at least once a year. You can contact them at any time.
  • If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), the EHE contact will also incorporate a statutory review of this.
  • If your child attends a Special School, you will need to contact the SEND service as the Local Authority has to approve the removal of a child from a special school to EHE.

For more information about Elective Home Education, please visit:
Derbyshire County Council - Elective Home Education
Department for Education (DfE) - Elective Home Education guidance for parents

If you would like information about employment, training, work experience, or volunteering opportunities, please visit:
Derbyshire Local Offer - Employment and Volunteering

Progress and Attainment

If you would like to provide written reports to Derbyshire County Council about your child's Elective Home Education experience, progress or attainments, please complete the Elective Home Education (EHE) Parent Report Template found in the related documents section of this page. This document is intended to serve as a helpful tool for parents. You do not have to complete this form if you would prefer to use a different format as we welcome any form of communication.


If you have any questions about Elective Home Education (EHE), please contact:

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