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If you or your child has difficulties in accessing your home or facilities in your home, or need help living independently in your own home, we can help.

The council's team of pediatric and adult occupational therapists have a range of specialist skills, knowledge and information about managing the practical difficulties with daily living at home.

You can request an assessment to see whether you are eligible for aids or adaptations to your home environment. We cover the whole of the county. If it is agreed that your situation meets the criteria for aids or adaptations (these have been set by the government, Derbyshire County Council and other local authorities) we will support you through the process.

This may include accessing a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) to fund or part fund the works. If applicable, we may apply to the housing association or council on your behalf to request the work to be done as assessed.

If you live in privately rented accommodation, any adaptations to your property would need to be agreed by your landlord.

Funding and decisions

The funding for aids and adaptations comes from different sources. We are responsible for the assessment of your needs and making recommendations about how to meet those needs, but we are not responsible for the decision about whether the funding will be agreed.

The agreement for funding is based on legislation and is the responsibility of the district and county councils to administer. In some cases where the funding exceeds the grants available, you may be asked to make a contribution to the cost of the adaptation. This is via a means-tested process for adults.

Equipment supplied by Adult Care or Children’s Services

If deemed necessary, the Adult Care or Children’s Services department at the council will complete an assessment of your needs. They can then arrange with the Derbyshire Integrated Community Equipment Service (ICES) to receive equipment on loan to help you with everyday living within the home.

Contact us

You can make a referral yourself for an occupational therapy assessment by phoning Call Derbyshire 01629 533190. If you already have a social worker, they can make the referral for you.