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Completing Sensory Processing Needs (SPN) training is highly recommended before using the sensory processing needs tool kit. Within children's services, the following support services offer a range of training opportunities. At the discretion of Heads of Service, this training may be commissioned to other partners and parents.

The following training will typically include:

  • The nature of Sensory Processing Needs (SPN)
  • Impact of SPN needs and barriers to a child's learning, engagement and functional skills
  • Introduction to strategies to engage children with SPN through the SPN tool kit materials.

The Early Years SEN Service offers in-depth sensory processing training 'reducing sensory processing barriers to learning' to schools and settings via Eventbrite. (2 x 2.5 hour sessions, 1 x theory session, followed by 1 practical use of the toolkit materials). They also offer bespoke training for whole settings which can be booked directly through the service. Although offered through early years perspective, the training reflects the needs of children of all ages with SPN and is offered to partners.

The Behaviour Support Service (BSS) offers their 'Understanding the Impact of Sensory Processing Needs on Behaviour' via Services4Schools (1 hour session). They also offer bespoke whole school training which can be arranged through direct contact with the service.

The Autism Outreach Team offers introductory sessions from an autism-specific perspective which can be accessed by schools and settings via the Behaviour Support Service (BSS) via Services4Schools (1.5hour session). They also offer bespoke training to schools as part of their support package. This includes sensory processing training. This could be whole school or specific targeted staff.

Educational Psychology Services offers scheduled online sensory processing needs training which can be booked via Services4Schools. This can be commissioned by schools and partners. Bespoke training to settings/schools can also be delivered as part of their support package which would be negotiated between the school/settings and their educational psychologist and is not bookable through Services4Schools.

Support Service for Children with Special Educational needs offers scheduled online sensory processing needs training, which can be booked via Services4Schools.

The North Derbyshire Children's Occupational Therapy team offer information and workshops to parents and carers to support Understanding of Sensory Processing Needs and promote practical strategies to support children with sensory processing needs to carry out everyday, practical tasks.

The South Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust - Children's Occupational Therapy Service offers a parental course 'Understanding Sensory Skills' which will help parents recognise the sensory processing needs that their child may have and give ideas on how to support their child to manage these difficulties. There are also additional resources that can be downloaded. Once parents have watched the presentation and after spending at least 4 months implementing any of the strategies that are applicable, parents can return completed questionnaires (on the website) and call in to book a follow-up consultation with the occupational therapist and other parents via Microsoft Teams.

Families can self-refer for the presentation (which requires a pass code) by contacting the administration team on 0300 123 4586 (option 2 and then option 5). A link to the website will then be provided with a passcode to unlock the presentation.