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Independent Advocacy in Derbyshire

An advocate is someone who supports a vulnerable person by helping them to have their say, express their views and opinions, explore options, and make contact with relevant people. Advocates are generally independent, free from conflicts of interest and act to protect and promote people's rights.

There are different types of Advocacy Support in Derbyshire.

  • Independent Care Act advocacy
  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy
  • Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy
  • NHS Independent Complaints Advocacy
  • Independent Non-statutory Advocacy

Derbyshire Children's Rights Service - Advocates

If you're a vulnerable child or young adult (up to the age of 24 if you have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)) you can request the support of a Derbyshire Independent Advocate. This is someone who'll work with you to represent your views to decision makers and, if you need it, help you to challenge decisions and make complaints. An advocate will come and meet you somewhere best for you and at a time that suits you. They will help you in meetings, ensure that you understand your rights and that you have all the information before you make a decision.

We can support young people with SEND who would find it difficult to tell an advocate their views. This is called non-instructed advocacy and the independent advocate would look at the rights of a young person and support, promote, and challenge when decisions are being made.

There is no waiting list for independent advocates and anyone can request support. There is no time limit to the involvement of an advocate. We need permission from the young person to become involved where they are able to give this. We may discuss if we are the right service and signpost to other service if independent advocacy isn’t appropriate. Advocacy aims to help and support children and young people to ensure their views are heard when decisions are being made.


Cloverleaf Advocacy

From 1 April 2024, Cloverleaf Advocacy will be bringing over 28 years of experience in delivering independent advocacy across the country to Derbyshire as the new Provider of Independent Advocacy. Advocacy support from Cloverleaf Advocacy can be helpful in all sorts of situations, including if you are worried that you are not being listened to by services or professionals.

Please make referrals by:

Visiting: Cloverleaf Advocacy - Derbyshire
Telephone: 01924 454875

Derbyshire Information Advice and Support Service (DIASS)

For information about what Advocacy Services might be best for you, please call Derbyshire Information Advice and Support Service (DIASS). DIASS may recommend other advocacy services that are suitable for your situation, that may not be featured on this page.

To contact DIASS:

Phone: 01629 533668