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Derbyshire is the perfect place for people of all abilities to explore. For some, however, accessing all that Derbyshire has to offer isn't that easy. There is help available for you to get out and about, whether it's a trip to the shops or seeing the sights.

Below you will find information about specialist transport providers that will help you access all the services you need.


All service buses are now accessible, with low floors (no steps), wheelchair space and priority seats near the front, which provide more room. Inside, the buses are well-lit and handrails are brightly coloured to make them more visible. Some buses have next-stop announcements. You can pay by card, cash or you can use your Gold Card.

Individual bus companies can offer help for children and young people with additional needs. If you need help, contact the bus company directly when planning your journey to discuss your needs.

Gold card

Gold cards are available to people of any age with a qualifying disability. Gold cards give you free off-peak bus travel and shopping discounts. Visit the Derbyshire County Council website for more information. 


We have a great train network in Derbyshire, and the train companies can offer help with:

  • booking tickets
  • discount fares for some disabilities
  • Disabled rail card
  • assisted travel using P-assist - a national passenger assistance service

Accessible taxis

A number of taxi services offer wheelchair-accessible vehicles for both manual and electric wheelchairs. You will need to book in advance.

Community transport

Community transport operates across the county, providing a variety of services to meet every need. All vehicles are wheelchair accessible. It enables people who are unable to use public transport to get out and about and make journeys most people take for granted. All services are pre-bookable and can also provide transport for groups.

Derbyshire Connect and Active Travel

This is a door-to-door transport service for individuals to attend health appointments. There is also a transport service available on request, to take people to local shopping areas or supermarkets they wouldn't otherwise be able to access. Either a small, wheelchair accessible vehicle, or a volunteer using their own car, will be used depending on a passenger's mobility. More information can be found on the Derbyshire County Council website. 


Shopmobility is a nationwide scheme which lends manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters to members of the public with limited mobility, so they can shop and visit leisure and commercial facilities independently within their local area or shopping centre. Anyone can use the scheme, whether you have a long or short-term disability and you don't need to be registered disabled.