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The Learning Disability CAMHS team works with families of children and young people (aged 0-18) who have:

  • a moderate to severe learning disability
  • behaviours that may be considered challenging or distressing, and/or mental health problems
  • a GP in North Derbyshire (excluding Glossop)

The team accept referrals from school, GPs, social workers or another health professional. The team aims to reduce mental health problems and/or reduce behaviours and increase quality of life for young people and their families. The team might see people at home, in school, in the community or online (virtually). The team work closely with families and if needed they also link with other involved services to support in the most helpful ways (e.g. school). The support they offer can include directly working with young people or with their families/carers. The Learning Disability CAMHS team also deliver training to other teams, parents, and professionals.

For more information and helpful resources and support, please visit the CAMHS North Derbyshire website.