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Who are we?

A Tailor-Made Programme (TMP) is a short-term, bespoke programme, offered across all key stages to support children and young people to maintain their engagement in education.  It is planned and overseen by specialist teachers and delivered by a teaching assistant (TA).   

Children and young people are referred by the Inclusion Pathways Team (IPT) following permanent exclusion; by schools, as a means of avoiding permanent exclusion and through SEND, Virtual School or School Inclusion.

What do we do?

TMP work with children and young people with diverse abilities and needs. Educational placements may have broken down due to a range of factors, affecting children’s behaviour in school. Our learners include:

  • Children or young people with complex needs.
  • Children or young people with SEMH needs.
  • Children or young people with social care or early help involvement.

A TMP is designed to be dynamic, with the needs of individual learners at its core. Programmes are initially planned for up to 12 weeks with the possibility of extending to 24 weeks and further in exceptional circumstances. TMP may support an integration or transition into school or act as a stepping-stone.

The aim of a TMP is to help pupils to make positive steps and achieve their potential through targeted support.  Each pupil’s programme may evolve and adapt in response to changing needs, with a view to a full integration into an appropriate setting.

Our approaches are varied, from formal paper-based learning to technology-enabled and practical activities.

What's expected of schools?

TMP is committed to partnership working, promoting clear communication with parents/carers, schools and other relevant professionals and agencies, working as part of a wider team around children and young people. From the outset, clear goals are identified for pupils and reviewed against the specifications agreed during the commissioning process.

What we provide:

  • Fully resourced programmes tailored to meet pupils’ individual needs
  • Half-termly reports and reviews
  • Integration plans and support

If you feel your child would benefit from a Tailor-Made Programme, please contact your child's school to speak to their teacher or SENCO.