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Education Welfare Services (EWS) are provided to young people and their families and schools. This includes advice and guidance on areas such as school attendance, children missing from education and children and young people in entertainment and employment. The Education Welfare Service also carry out statutory functions on behalf of schools and the Local Authority in relation to these areas.

School attendance

Pupils are expected to attend school on every occasion that it is open unless they have an acceptable reason for absence. A pupil whose attendance level drops below 90% is classed as a persistent absentee and the school would be expected to take action to support a parent to make an improvement. We undertake legal measures on behalf of schools where attendance has been identified as a concern and all efforts to work with the parents/carers to improve the situation has failed. These are referred to as parental responsibility measures.

Children missing education

Children who are missing from education fall into 2 categories, Derbyshire children whose whereabouts are unknown (missing) and children who have a home address in Derbyshire but do not have a school place (WASP). The Local Authority has a statutory duty to monitor and track children missing from education and undertake legal measures where needed when a child is not in receipt of a full-time suitable education.

Child employment 

A child of school age who works part-time must be registered with the Local Authority and hold a work permit. It is the responsibility of the employer to apply for this work permit and provide us with a list of tasks that the child will do, together with a risk assessment in relation to these tasks. Please see information regarding regulations and how to apply for a permit.

Licensing of children in entertainment, modelling and paid sporting activities

All children who take part in public performances, from birth up to the last Friday in June of the school year in which they reach their 16th birthday, may require a licence issued by the Local Authority to perform. Please see information regarding the regulations and how to apply for a licence.

Chaperones for children in entertainment and activities

A child performing, rehearsing during the performance period or taking part in an activity must be supervised by a chaperone, who has been licenced by the Local Authority, at all times, unless they are under the direct care of their parent, a teacher from their school or their home tutor. More information regarding the regulations and how to become a chaperone.


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