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ACRE is here to provide services for children who are out of school for whatever reason. This could be because of medical reasons, or due to being excluded from school. It may be that you are thinking about home educating your child, or perhaps you are currently a home educator. You may have moved into Derbyshire and have not yet been able to secure a school place for your child, or there may be issues around your child’s attendance at school. Your child may be involved in entertainment or employment, and you may wish to find out more about how this is licenced.

Whatever the reason your child is out of school, the ACRE service offers information, support and guidance.

ACRE includes the following services:

  • Tailor Made Programmes (TMP): A support service schools can request for individual pupils.
  • Out of School Tuition (OOST): Educational provision for children with medical conditions which mean that they are unable to attend school.
  • Virtual Classroom (VC): Online support services linked to OOST and TMP.
  • Inclusion Pathways Teams (IPT): Support for children and young people who are out of school due to permanent exclusion.
  • Education Welfare Services (EWS): School attendance, children missing education, child employment, licensing for children in entertainment, modelling and paid sporting activities.
  • Elective Home Education (EHE): Information for families who are home educating or considering this option.